ABOUT Cobblestone farms

Cobblestone Farms is a local non-profit dedicated to feeding the hungry by donating at least 50% of all farm production back into the community. 

WE EXIST TO...Provide access to fresh food to those who struggle to meet their basic needs.  Motivate individuals in our community to live sustainably and advocate for the food insecure.  Partner with local hunger relief agencies and sustainable development programs.

Cobblestone Farms collaborates with various local food agencies to reach those struggling to meet basic needs. Our vision is to unlock the potential of our people & natural resources to nutritionally sustain the community and the environment. 



Mikel Hancock   |   President   |   Merchandise Manager Produce & Floral, Walmart Inc.

Scott Clubine  |  Vice President   |   Vice President, Sales, Delano Farm

Glenn Ritter   |   Treasurer   |   Attorney, Wright, Lindsey, and Jennings LLP

Jennifer Watts   |   Secretary   |   Sr. Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Optimad Media

Leif Hickman   |  Vice President, Customer Development, Bonduelle Fresh Americas

Jeff Young  |  Bonduelle Fresh Americas and Ready Pac Foods

Russell Mounce  |  Vice President, Produce & Bakery, Sams Club

Diane Higgins   |   New Heights Church

Durham Kyle  |  Marketing, Walmart, Inc.

Dave Marrs  |  Owner, Marrs Construction 

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